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Native American Diorama Project

Native American Diorama Project. Students are responsible for completing native american writing prompts for each side of the box according to directions and putting a creative sce. I have been doing this project for a couple of years.

the ART of learning Project Annual Native American Dioramas
the ART of learning Project Annual Native American Dioramas from theartoflearning-bermingham.blogspot.com

Design and create a diorama to model your native american culture. Design a travel brochure to encourage people to visit your native american. Native american diorama and report directions and rubric.

I Think We Should Do More Projects Like This One, It Was So Much Fun!

They will choose one tribe. The five groups that i used were. Arctic (inuit), plains (pawnee), southwest (hopi), northeast (iroquois), plateau (nez perce).

They Were About The Native American Groups.

I got a perfect score of 45/40, a lot of people did. Native american shoebox diorama project projects plan, project management, project execution, project completion. Native american culture individual project there are 5 different learning activities to choose from:

I Have Been Doing This Project For A Couple Of Years.

Here are some pictures from what my students created last year. It focuses on the six regions/tribes that we cover in georgia (or more specifically, gwinnett county aks).arctic (inuit), plai. Each group then drew a geographical region out of a hat to create a diorama on.

Native American Culture Individual Project There Are 5 Different Learning Activities To Choose From:

Develop a powerpoint presentation to educate others about your native american culture. The student can choose to create a diorama, which is a a three dimensional model, a landscape viewing box or indian houses, such as a long house or wood and bark house. 21 pcs plastic indian figures playset toy native american figures with horse, tent, totem etc.

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We have been learning about the native people of america. I break my students into 5 groups: My score labels my name is neatly labeled on my project my tribe name is on my project capitalization and spelling of all labels are correct /5 natural resources for food diorama contains a minimum of 3 examples of what your tribe ate for food.

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