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Mexican American War Webquest

Mexican American War Webquest. Also, please make sure to use complete sentences! The webquest contains 40 questions and is a great way to introduce or review key facts and events related to the mexican american war.

The Mexican American War Webquest
The Mexican American War Webquest from www.slideshare.net

Follow the links below, read, and respond to the questions. The treaty of guadalupe hidalgo. What famous general led the mexican army?

Attempts To Purchase From Mexico The New Mexico And California Territories Failed.

The mexican american war webquest uses a great website and allows students to view historical artifacts and gives a basic overview of the conflict. This was a time when the south was largely agricultural and still heavily dependent on slavery. Click here to view the website.

Follow The Links Below, Read, And Respond To The Questions.

Us had high birth rate and farming was a high economic asset. Look at the painting “american progress” by john gast and respond to the following questions. Extending our country from sea to shining sea. answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper or word processing document.

Use The Link For Each Task To Answer The Questions Below.

The links include maps, text, and primary sources. Mexican american war scavenger hunt. Each link on the left sidebar will take you to an introductory page with questions regarding each of the 10 major american wars.

What Famous General Led The Mexican Army?

Include as much information about the battle as possible. Today we will be investigating the economy of the southern states before the civil war. After two years of fighting, the war ended with the.

Each Page Has A Brief Introduction To The War, With A Picture That May Be Clicked On

An activity where we use a specific website, or series of websites to do research about a topic and learn from what they say. Also, please make sure to use complete sentences! Frontier land was inexpensive and free.

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