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Impact Crater Lab Answers

Impact Crater Lab Answers. Crater size related to speed of impact 5. • model impact crat er s in the lab.

Impact cratering lab
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On earth, many factors (including wind, water, tectonic, and volcanic It also illustrates some examples of how erosional or deopositional processes can modify or resurface crustal areas essentially restting the clock of the cratering process. • state the relationships between the size of the crater, size of

An Impact Crater Is Formed When A Meteorite (Asteroid Or Comet) Crashes Into A Larger Planetary Body That Has A Solid Surface, Such As The Earth.

Click here and save 20% by purchasing the scientific method lab bundle which includes this product! It is a movie of an experimental vertical impact at. • state the relationships between the size of the crater, size of

However, There's More To Identifying Impact Craters Than This.

(show your work.) 4) (4) currently the state of washington has zero 5 km impact craters. In this lab, students observe the effects of the height of drop and speed on impact crater diameter. (b) the state of washington has a total land area of about 177,000 km2.

On Earth, Many Factors (Including Wind, Water, Tectonic, And Volcanic

The inner terrestrial planets (earth, mercury, venus, and mars), and the outer jovian planets (jupiter, saturn, uranus, and neptune). _____ _____ _____ _____ experiment 2: The factors affecting the appearance of impact craters and ejecta are the size and velocity of the impactor, and the geology of the target surface.

Currently, About 160 Impact Craters Have Been Identified On Earth‟S Surface.

Based on the trends that you observed in your data and transferred to your plot, predict the effect on the size of crater should a meteor actually impact the earth. The terrestrial planets are rocky planets that have properties similar to that of the earth. Impact cratering lab exercises part i:

Cratering And The Lunar Surface.

Impact cratering mechanics & crater morphology impact cratering mechanics. University of california, santa cruz. Before each trial, carefully smooth the sand.

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