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If I Were President Poem

If I Were President Poem. If i was your mother, you would have been so loved. I would stop people from polluting the ocean.

theWHOLEthing5 PRESIDENT'S DAY Poetry from thewholething5.blogspot.com

If i were president i went to buy myself a game my mom said, no, you're broke. i went to buy myself a book my mom said, that's a joke! Instead of having them.give, give, and give i would serve the people by doing what's best for all to live, and let live who is best for the country. Never would this story's plight.

First, I Start By Reading And Analyzing The Poem “If I Were In Charge Of The World” By Judith Viorst Together With My Students.

Dear mister president vladimir putin, i am so sorry that i was not your mother. Essentially, it doesn’t take one single person, like the president, to manage a country similar with the philippines. The 90210 star of the cw variety sent a tweet on thursday that sees her recite a poem to russian president vladimir putin in which she informs him of all the things she would have done if i was.

I Would Help All Of The Homeless People.

First, i would strengthen our educational system, second, i would make certain that everyone has equal and fair treatment in our society, and lastly, i would secure our borders. Kennedy once said, “ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country”. / 'if i were president'.

If I Were President.by 4Th Grade.

You haven't any money, and there's none for me to lend. i said, neither does the president but his mom still lets him spend. but she said, it doesn't work that way and you're not the president. This poem makes a wonderful cover for a writing portfolio, or a bulletin board display that is guaranteed to make every parent smile. First, i would like to say that i lost my hearing seven years ago.

Before That, I Loved Singing And Music.

If you were the president of the philippines…. If i were in charge of the world there'd be brighter nights lights, healthier hamsters, and basketball baskets forty eight inches lower. They used print shop to add graphics, text boxes, import graphics and even copy and paste their faces to the project.

Held In The Arms Of Joyous Light.

If i were wrong, i would correct my mistakes. I enjoyed listening to bette midler and played her music as loudly as i could stand. Dear president trump,if i were the president,i would end discrimination,provide a safer and more equal life for everyone,and abide by what’s stated in the preambleif i were the president,i would protect the environment,and participate in the paris accord,giving our children’s children an earth to thrive inif i were the president,i would allow dreamers to live in our

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