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Hair And Fiber Evidence Worksheet Answers

Hair And Fiber Evidence Worksheet Answers. Identify characteristics of natural and synthetic fibers. Write the name of the hair or fiber on the line and then draw what you see under medium or high power.

Hair And Fiber Evidence Worksheet Answers Worksheet List
Hair And Fiber Evidence Worksheet Answers Worksheet List from nofisunthi.blogspot.com

A woman was murdered in an alley and next to her was a large flower box with liner. Case study worksheet wednesday (9/13) obj: Start studying hair & fiber evidence quiz.

Unit Chief Trace Evidence Unit

Still, different types of fibers differ hair and fiber evidence worksheet answers worksheet list from nofisunthi.blogspot.com keratin is the primary component of. Hair and fiber evidence packet includes a powerpoint with embedded video clip links, illustrated student guided notes, teacher notes, worksheet with answers, and a hair activity. Study guide friday (9/15) 1.

It Is Not To Be Replaced In Its Entirety By Dna Analysis, But To Be Used Complimentarily With Other Disciplines.

Hair and fibers can be used to identify clothes or shoes, the images were taken at 100x and 400x magnifications. The powerpoint is fully editable. Hair ____ and _____ is influenced heavily by ____.

Hair Colour Is Mostly A Result Of.

At the end of the lesson, i completed students the hair &; Trace evidence examination is often challenged in court for its uncertainty. What remains the hair’s most characteristic forensic

Identify Characteristics Of Natural And Synthetic Fibers.

Shape (round or oval), texture (curly or straight), genes. This will allow you to modify the lesson to your individual classroom needs. The notes & worksheets are editable word docs too.

Hair Lab #2 (Use Evidence From Locard's Lab) 3.

Hair & fiber challenge teacher information for this challenge, students will need to be familiar with various hairs and fibers through the completion of the hair & fiber id lab. Forensic files hairline worksheet answer key. I used a microscope camera to capture images of the samples they had to use for the lab.

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